Are you a loan officer who feels like he’s not getting paid what he’s worth?

Are there other loan officers that are getting quicker pay with higher turnaround out there?

Here are 3 tips that will tell if you’re working at the right mortgage company:

Tip #1 Communication
I know you’ve probably heard it 1,000 times from other blog posts.
(Even ones written on here)
But without good communication, things tend to fall apart fast.

What does good communication mean?

“It’s the most talented, not the least talented, who are continually trying to improve their dialogue skills. As is often the case, the rich get richer.”
― Kerry PattersonCrucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

Good communicators continually working on their skill and practice listening to the other person on your team first.

“Seek first to understand then to be understood.” As author and businessman Stephen Covey puts it.

Does your mortgage branch give you the support and communication you need?

Tip #2 Fast Turnaround Times & Tip #3 Higher Pay

It can be a drag to get paid when turnaround times for the average mortgage loan is 40 days.
Even though some can shave 10 days off and do it in 30 days, that still a long time.

What if you could get a turn around time of 48 hrs like the guys who work Blue Raven Group?

What if you got paid 7 days after the funding?

For LO’s like Jonathan Casey that makes like a lot less stressful.

“Since I have joined Blue Raven Group, my pipeline has closed faster than ever.  My clean loans are now being boosted on a fast track to close ASAP.  My average closing time dropped from 40 days to 25 days.  Their processing, underwriting, and support team are phenomenal.  Every time we close a loan, we have meetings to figure out how to do the next one better, faster.  I have closed multiple loans in under 20 days.”

What is your current turnaround time?

Comment below the three qualities you look for in a Mortgage Net Branch.