What’s the secret reason the majority of therapist hate Dr. Phil and how can his “marketing secret” bring in more leads and make more money for you as loan officer?

“Sometimes I fantasize that I am as influential as Dr. Phil. And that millions of people follow my advice, instead of his. That’s because I think Dr. Phil often dishes some very bad advice.”

This was a quote from a therapist out of PsychologyToday.com

Can you feel the seething anger in her words?

So why all the hate with Dr. Phil?

He’s just trying to help people like they are.

Except he makes millions more than your average therapist!

And as the quote above shows, he gets paid millions more for what most therapist think is  mediocre advice.

The day Oprah had Dr. Phil on her show is the day when Dr. Phil discovered his “money making marketing secret” that took him from mediocre therapist to therapist superstar.

What was it?

Two words.

Celebrity Status.

He’s not just any old therapist, now with his exposure, people think of him as “America’s Therapist”.

People know who he is, they trust him and they have seen him help others in the same situation.

I know what you’re thinking, how do I get celebrity status to bring in more business like a money magnet?

Rise Of The Social Media Celebrity

In 2018 you don’t need to be on TV, Movies or rap song to claim your celebrity status.

A lot of business owners make informational video on Youtube or attention grabbing blog posts to build a following.

Creating content that answers your future leads questions is a great way to plant yourself as the “authority” on mortgage loans they can trust.

Creating an online brand that is built on your businesses values that people will want to get behind is a great way to attract more customers to you.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek (Start With Why)

What your #1 marketing secret to generate leads?