It’s the 11 hour and your loan has problems.
Pape work is missing.

Your borrower is blowing up you phone angry

And your real estate agent is calling to ask “What is going on!?”

Not a fun place to be for an loan officer.

2017 is wrapping up with the jingles of Christmas and a cup of fresh Egg nog.

Now 2018…that a clean slate for you to crush it!

Here are 3 secrets to give you the competitive edge.

Let’s start with communication.

Communication is key on becoming a successful mortgage loan officer.

The major reason of last minute loan denials or major delays on the mortgage process is because the pre-approval was not solid.

The problem here is a lot of customers feel like their LO don’t explain the whole process to them where they can understand and keep up with the next step.

And to complicate things more, different customers expect different kinds of service from their mortgage lender.

J.D. Power has found customers who apply online place more importance on an effective review of closing documents and a functional website. Conversely, customers who apply in person are more focused on receiving status updates and having a responsive loan representative.

Let’s talk about Trust.

Trust is the second key customers want when you are handling their home loan.

The mortgage process is  stressful.

The home buyer is counting on the mortgage loan officer to be able to close on their home loan on time.

Home buyers are making plans on moving, packing their belongings, making arrangements with movers, making arrangements with registering their children to their new school districts, ordering new utilities on their new homes and disconnecting utilities of their old home, terminating their lease of their rental with their landlord and the landlord may already have a new tenant to move in. On the home sellers side, the home seller may already have a new home under contract and is relying on the home buyer’s lender to make sure that their home close without any issues and close on time.

Lastly, let’s break down the importance of “staying organized”

Managing your mortgage business using just pen and paper is a thing of the past. With so much information being pushed online, it’s becoming more and more important to ensure you and your team have the tools you need to grow and stay productive. Below are five great tools, some free, some paid, that can boost your mortgage business.

A) Storing Files – organization starts with making sure files are up to date and stored on a secure drive.
A lot of mortgage agents use Google Drive or Dropbox for this reason.

C) Got A To Do List For Your To DO List?
It can be stressful staying organized if your tasks are all over the place.

Apps like allows everything to stay organized into subcategories and has an option for notifications makes scheduling clients painless with its easy to use software.

Use these tools and quick tips to kill it in 2018 and beyond!

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