Like most high performance loan officers I’m sure you like “Higher Pay At Quicker Turnaround Times.”

At Blue Raven Group where our team of loan officers live and breath by that mantra.

We happen to be expects at making money.

Here’s #1 secret straight from the Blue Raven vault:

 Ask For A Referral

I know what you’re thinking…asking you want to ask for a referral without sounding needy.

What if instead of asking for a referral you asked your client for the address for their 3 closes friends that you could send a free gift to?

What if before you asked your client for their addresses, you did some research on their social media friends list of the people on their most likely looking for a loan officer?

Instead of handing them a old dusty referral card, why not mail your new referral a gift basket with some info about who you are and how you can help them with their mortgage.

It’s amazing how many objection can be handled with a little sugar, salt & fat.

What’s your #1 referral strategy? Comment Below.

One last question before I go…

Are you getting paid what you deserve with quick turnaround times?

At Blue Raven Group we live by the mantra
“Higher Pay And Quicker Turner Over Times.”

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